School events

April Entrance ceremony for the 2-year course

Traffic safety guidance

Evacuation drills

medical examination

5 months Spring Excursions

Information session for going on to higher education

6 month E-Japanese E-Study Abroad

Japanese Culture Experience (Yukata Wearing Experience)

July Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Tanabata Festival

August summer vacation

Participation in open campuses of universities and vocational schools

September final

Autumn Break

October 1 year and 6 months course entrance ceremony

Traffic safety guida

Evacuation drills

medical examination

11- E-Japanese E-Study Abroad

Off-campus study (autumn excursions, school trips, social tours)
12 month Japanese Language Proficiency Test

winter vacation

1 month Beginning of writing
February Scholarship Award Ceremony

Information session for going on to higher education

Speech Contest

final exam

3 month spring break

graduation ceremony