Principal and Chief Of Teaching

Seiichi Takasaki

Hosei University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Japanese Literature
Graduated from Tokyo Russian Language Institute
Passed the Japanese Language Teaching Proficiency Test certified by the Japanese Language Education Association

 Before becoming a Japanese language teacher, I was involved in various fields such as cultural exchange, diplomatic negotiations, tourism, trade, and industry as a Russian interpreter. I know how difficult it is to learn a foreign language and how hard it is to work on the international stage. I can give advice based on my experience to people who have dreams of "I want to study in Japan", "I want to work for a Japanese company", and "I want to be a bridge between my home country and Japan". At university, I also studied Japanese language history, performing arts history, and art history. You can also learn about Japanese history and culture behind the Japanese language. Learning words is not easy. While you are in school, you need to be prepared to forget your hobbies and play and study hard. However, it is not "achieving the purpose" just by desperately accumulating knowledge and passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the entrance examination of the desired university or vocational school. It's after that's important. After entering a university or vocational school, students can still understand specialized lectures in Japanese and can exchange opinions with Japanese teachers and students, and can write reports and papers in Japanese. In other words, students must acquire the four skills of "reading, writing, listening, and speaking" in Japanese, and acquire Japanese language skills that can work hard without disabilities, just like Japanese students. This school has a unique way of learning that shatters the language barrier and brings you to say with great heart, "I can speak Japanese." "I want to play an active role on the international stage", "I want to contribute to the development of my homeland", "I want to acquire specialized skills in Japan", "I want my family to live an easy life". Your goal is my goal. Chubu Kokusei Gakuin is sure to make your dreams come true.


Toshihiko Yoshioka

Graduated from The Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Letters, Aichi University
Head Teacher, Narumi High School, Aichi Prefecture
President, Shoin High School, Aichi Prefectural
Principal, Aichi Prefectural Kanie High School
Principal, Aichi Prefectural Gojo High School
Vice Principal, Miura Gakuen Kasugaoka Junior high school and Kasugaoka High School
Visiting Lecturer, Basic Education Center, Aichi Institute of Technology

 In today's 21st century, internationalization is advancing, and exchanges, trade, and cooperative relationships between countries have become indispensable. When you think of it as a country and a country, you feel that the scale is large, but the core is the relationship between people. In addition to deepening the relationship between countries and building a richer future, it is important for each person to play an active role. We will do our utmost to support you who have dreams of playing an active role on the international stage and contributing to the development of your home country. Why did Japan, which was not blessed with natural resources, achieve a miraculous development into one of the world's largest economies? The driving force is technical skills and diligence. In Japan, please make "living Japanese" your own so that you can learn the knowledge and skills you want.